Monday, 24 September, 2012

Pakistan must not lose to Bangladesh by 36 or more runs

New Zealand from Group D have already advanced into Super Eight Round due to their superior Net Run Rate (+1.150) whereas Pakistan and Bangladesh are still not confirmed for the next round.
If Pakistan are to go in Super Eight, they must not lose to Bangladesh by margin of 36 or more runs when they play on Tuesday (September 25) in Pallekele. Or if Pakistan bat first then they must not let Bangladesh chase target before 16 overs. In other words, if Bangladesh win by at least 36 runs or chase the target in less than 16 overs, they will knock out Pakistan from the event and will go through along with New Zealand.
If the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh is washed-out (No Result) then Pakistan will qualify for Super Eight Round.

Pakistan’s current Run Rate: +0.650
Bangladesh’s current Run Rate: -2.950
Case I – Bangladesh score 150 and Pakistan are restricted to 114. Then the Net Run Rate will be as followed:
TeamsMatchesPointsNet RR
New Zealand22+1.150
In Case-I, Pakistan and Bangladesh will be having same Net Run Rate but Bangladesh will progress to next round on account of beating Pakistan in head-to-head match. Net Run Rate will not alter in a different scenario like: Bangladesh score 170 and Pakistan are restricted to 134 or Bangladesh score 190 and Pakistan are restricted to 154.
PS: If a team gets All Out before 20 overs, it will be considered they have played all their resources [20 overs].
Case II – Pakistan score 150 and Bangladesh chase the target of 151 in 15.5 overs. Then NRR will be as followed:
TeamsMatchesPointsNet RR
New Zealand22+1.150
In the Case II, permutations could be slightly different if target is above 150 or less than 150. But anything Bangladesh chasing in less than 16 overs will be threatening for Pakistan. For Example, if Pakistan score 130 then Bangladesh will still be needing to chase it down in 15.5 overs. A lesser target will have better chances for Bangladesh to go through.

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